Loving Yourself And Others

"Discover The Art Of Loving Yourself As Who You Are And Give That Love Away!"

In this book, you will learn about:

- Taking Care of Your “Whole Self”
- Believe in Yourself
- Consider What You Deserve
- Find Out Who You Are
- Encourage Yourself
- Extend Yourself
- Forgive Yourself
- Value Yourself
- The Truth Behind Love of Others
- Learning How to Love Others
- And Much MORE!!

Think about your 3 top needs and how you generally get them fulfilled. How much time do you wait for other people to give you what you need?

How frequently does that approach work---very seldom, correct?

There's a better formula: love yourself more. When you love yourself, your emotional vitality vibrates “cleaner” and at a higher frequency.

As well, when you love yourself more, you more able to share that love with others. In this eBook we will explore just how to do that.

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